Single-Axle Trailer AW-9000-0007

Single Axle Trailers AW-9000-0007

All-Spray Single Axle Trailers are fully integrated and self-contained systems that are designed with a large supply tank for working at remote sites where water is not accessible. Customize to fit your application needs with a high quality All-Spray pressure washer to get large jobs done quickly wherever you may need to work in Iowa.

For the ultimate in portability: Purchase a single-axle trailer unit, add reliable All-Spray equipment to suit your application, and you are ready for the next job! Trailer units are used by heavy construction contractors, factories, well drillers, mines, military bases, road builders, contract cleaners, shipyards, municipalities and food services.


200 gallon tank

Swivel jack with pad · 2-inch ball hitch · Rubber mounted sealed lights · Tanks are enclosed in a powder coated steel frame · Will fit all All-Spray belt-driven pressure washers · Aluminum treadplate steps for access to water tank

Accessories & Options:  Pressure washers · Hose reels · Backflow preventers · Trailer tank bypass · Trailer hitches



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    1000 PSI 2.8 GPM – 1.109-078.0 – PHW3-11024D
  • 1000 PSI 2.0 GPM – 1.109-095.0 – HOT2-11024D
  • 1500 PSI 1.8 GPM – 1.109-556.0 – VHP2-15024D
  • 2000 PSI 4.2 GPM 1.109-500.0 – EHW-20024C
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    Landa MHC Series Hot Water
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